Prada Wallet / Saffiano Leather bubbling? HELP!

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  1. Hey all, as we all treasure our products on this forum.. we tend to store them for months at a time. With that said, I stored my Prada document holder wallet for about 6 months.. it's saffiano leather. I really wanted to clean it so I wiped it down with just a damp paper towel and dried it off with a dry paper towel and let it sit for a bit.

    Just today.. I take it out of a cloth bag to see the leather sort of.. warping? bubbling? I mean it def. was not like this from what I remember.. or am I mistaken? Any opinions? Is this normal? Please help!

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  2. I call them dimples. I have the saffiano lux tote and it has the same problem. I think it's quite common although it's more pronounced on your wallet as it's smaller? Not sure what you can do to fix it though..sorry that I can't help
  3. I think it's normal. Mine is a french type wallet and looks kinda like that esp. since I dont use that often. Don't bother me though. I still love it! ��
  4. Which is the awesome brand and i am love in it and wanted the same of that kind for me as well as for my gf
  5. The wallet that is in the image is really pretty good. I can gift to my cousin
  6. Have you tired some leather conditioner? Leather shouldn't ever be wet with water i believe. One time i was in the public toilets washing my hands and some of the water touched my bag. I didn't realise until i saw massive white patches all over the leather and a damp cloth only made it worse. I used some leather conditioner i had at home and it looked perfect after. I don't know if u can get the wrinkling out though but worth trying i think. Leather is like skin, maybe it's still a bit moist.
  7. NOTHING is going to change the leather. It looks like it has been overstretched (which is also common with the newer saffy totes). Water didn't do this and leather conditioner won't fix it.
  8. Hmmm bring it to your local prada store.. have the SA help you, if you bought your wallet within 2 years you should be covered by warranty....