Prada Wallet Reveal + Identify Model?

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    I'm a little late, but I had my birthday in January and got a lovely gift from my mum.

    My previous wallet was a simple, cheap one from New Look. It wasn't really well made, and though it was falling apart and looking all beaten up, I used it for years simply because I wasn't willing to invest in a sturdier (and more expensive) one.

    So anyway, my mum got me a new one seeing how my old one was on the verge of giving way!

    So here are the pics...





    Hehe so, yeah, I'm real thrilled about my new baby. (: Anyway, if anyone could help me identify the exact model and details about this wallet, I'd be really grateful! Can't seem to find it on the website where I'm at. (Live in Singapore btw) Thanks a bunch!! My new wallet has been holding up really great!!
  2. I wish I could help on the model #/info...but I just had to say that is absolutely adorable! I've only seen the wallets with the really large bow on the front. That small one is just so cute and perfect!
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    I am learning Prada. I bought a rugged brown Pebble Leather tote at an estate sale and it has a wallet inside. According to the rules it is prada. The card must refer to the wallet. The leather is amazing. The new wallets are so cute. What do I do about finding the history of this brown chunky bag and its wallet? The rules I spoke of are hardware, opi zippers, Prada emblems, stitching and lining. Thank you to anyone who will direct me. Lucky you who has a bow wallet.
  4. Wow beautiful :smile: congrats
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    OK. I didn't want anyone to think me trashy but I recently bought the Prada at Goodwill. This Goodwill has a trailer in the elegant part of town. I bought a Coach Kisslock, a Coach
    Chelsea, Dooney and Bourke Black Hearts and Wallet and others. They all needed TLC. I can clean most everything except ink. So my Prada needs no TLC but I am having a hard time finding the year and the BR number as it has no card. I will post a picture when I can figure it out. Thanks for congrats.
  6. sorry no help here but i think u should post a pic of the inside as well
  7. Pics here. Plates are correct, IPI zipper, Fiocchi buttons. Thanks for the help!

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  8. Replying to myself. My pictures were not great. My bag is Borsa A Mona (hand bag) Berlino (group) BN0927 Nocciolo ( Hazel color). It is very boho.