Prada Vitello Daino Hobo BR3373


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Dec 25, 2006
Hello everyone,
I'm new to the board and I have a Prada question.
I just got the Vitello Daino Hobo BR3373 for Xmas in Black.
I thought that when I saw it at the Soho Prada boutique it was entirely black, but the one I ended up ordering, from Saks, has brown contrast stitching and some brown edging. The card says for color "Nero e". Does anyone know if the bag comes in two types of black - with and without brown? (Maybe the "e" differentiates it from a normal "Nero" bag?)
But it can be sort of dark in the Soho Prada, so maybe I didn't notice.

The bag is nice, but I'd really prefer a bag all in black (I'm a stickler for details).

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Feb 17, 2006
Department stores have a tendency of carrying exclusive rights to diff colored Prada bags.Many times the stores carry variations the Prada boutiques do NOT even carry and vice versa.
Return it and get the one you really want!Otherwise you wont be 100% happy!
I got a Gauffre tote that Prada doesnt even carry in its store..PHH got it at Saks.


Aug 2, 2006
^^ I'm in love with that bag too...Where did you get it? If you bought it in a store I'm screwed....No Prada here/no stores that sell...I saw one similiar that is preorder for Spring...Hmm...I think I saw it on Neiman's website? Figures..I have no Christmas debt and now I'm dyin' to smoke my credit card! :heart: Emmy