Prada Vitello Daino Hobo ... anyone own it?

  1. Does anyone own this Prada Vitello Daino Hobo?

    Prada -  Vitello Daino Hobo -  Bergdorf Goodman

    If you do, can you please share some pix and thoughts if you like it? I ordered it over the weekend... and I'd love to see how it looks on!

    Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. Hi there, this particular Prada is model number BR3408. It is a really nice tote, with durable deerskin leather, it will last a long time. It can hold alot inside and sits nicely on the shoulder. You will love it!:yes:
  3. I'd love to see modeling photos when you get it. It looks like a great bag.
  4. Cute bag!!!!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. It's on it's way, so when I get it, I'll post pix!!

    exoticmystery thanks for the info on the bag... I was hoping it would be a good one! I came so close to canceling the order!! :p

    It should be here sometime on Thursday or Friday... will post pix then! :yes:
  6. So, you beat me to it. I have the worst luck on the sales. 2 out of 20 have gone thru.:crybaby:
  7. You welcome! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I guarantee you made a wise decision and got a great price on it!:smile:
  8. It is a really cute bag.
  9. Thanks again exoticmystery... I'm excited to receive it now that you've said so many good things about it!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    lhasalover... I'll let you know if I'm sending it back... maybe you'll have a 2nd chance at it??? I feel bad now! So sorry!
  10. No hard feelings. At least PFer got it:smile:
  11. Wow!

    ExoticMystery you are *so* right. This bag is absolutely gorgeous. The leather is just TDF!! So thick! But smushy... and it smells delicious!

    And the size is just way too perfect too! Not too big at all! I love it. I will post pix later tonite... I'm working now!! :yes:
  12. I've had my eye on that bag as well! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  13. Ta-Dah! Pix on the Prada bag!! Hope y'all like it!!! I do! :p

  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]