Prada virgin ~Messenger: need help deciding

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  1. Hello all,
    Posting here, I know you're all Prada fans, but I hope you can offer some insight into some other bags as well. i'll also post in the other respective forums.

    I want (need) a messenger bag for travelling, so it needs to hold my wallet, sunglasses, tickets, camera and maps, and ideally, be a little water resistant as I'll be in Ireland a lot, where there's a constant drizzle. I have a Mulberry Antony messenger, but it is a little small and will show every water mark. I originally thought I'd go with a Burberry Haymarket, but am having trouble finding one in Toronto. I thought Burberry because it is coated canvas (or is it PVC), but then it occured to me the LV Odeon might be a good choice too (the Salsa is discontinued). When speaking to my SA, she also mentioned that Prada has nice nylon messengers. I don't baby my bags and they get USED!

    I was reading here on the Purse Forum that Burberrys often get stained with dark denim jeans. How do you find the Pradas (or any of the others) wear? One thing I don't like is a bag that looks super stuffed ( a very flat bag with too much in it)

    Do you have a favourite messenger bag?
    Thanks..i'm so excited about researching and buying a beautiful bag!
  2. i think a nylon messenger is great for traveling. the prada messengers are EXTREMELY durable.
  3. Don't have a modeling pic handy, but I love this one:


    It's from a few seasons ago, but NM and Saks carry this one now that I reeeally want in black.

  4. Thanks, lvuittonaddict..that's a great testimonial from a lvuittonaddict!

    Oooh Prada Psycho! I LOVE both of those! We don't have those stores here, but hopefully our version will carry them.. I can't wait to have a look.

  5. Raffaello Network ships all over the world, I believe. That's where the second photo came from.
  6. Here's some for you...It's an old pic but I still have this..and it still looks like new...

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    Thank you for posting your pictures, Emmy. that's a gorgeous bag too! many choices!

    Thank you for the link, Prada Psycho. What a fabulous store!