Prada Velour Frame Bag $295!!

  1. Hey ladies! I got an email from Bag Borrow or Steal today that there were more markdowns in the outlet, so I checked it out. They have this Prada Velour Frame Bag for only $295, originally $1050! It seemed like an amazing deal.... so I thought I would pass it on! Enjoy :smile:
  2. 3 mins and gone!
  3. Crap! I love that bag! Well I hope someone here got it!
  4. It's back for grabs!
  5. Someone get it and post pics!! I'm on a ban after the HH sale :sad:
  6. Your not going to believe this...I called because I saw that Prada velour bag and when I repeatedly tried to put it in my bag, it said not available. I was curious since a bag I had bought before was removed from the web site in 24 hours. They had a glitch in their system and the bag WAS available. The rep even called me back at home to ask if I wanted it at the price of $295.00! Needless to say I completed the purchase over the phone and should expect it next week!:yahoo:
  7. [​IMG]Here's the bag I got for 295.00:dothewave:
  8. I have been trying to buy a bag since yesterday and I called them today, and she says now even their system is having a glitch so no one can purchase anything.

  9. Let us know the quality when it comes in, I have not heard the greatest things about BBS resells
  10. I tried to order as well but the CS said that it was no longer available.
  11. I certainly will let you know how it is. With all the reported computer glitches, I am beginning to worry!
  12. Well this bag was listed under the never worn section so it should be of great quality.

    I wasn't too pleased with the service when I called in today. Their staff seemed to be very undertrained.
  13. Try again. I just noticed alot of new markdowns tonight that were not there this afternoon. I have read many good review regarding this company and they are legit.
  14. I'm still having problems with the site. I can view the bags, but if i try to add something to my cart, it still is continuously prompting me to log in...

    They are legit, and most of their outlet bags are "gently used". There are a lot of bags that really are steals, but you just got to keep digging, and it its makes it frustrating when there is a glitch!!!

    The CS rep said that hopefully it would be fixed by tomorrow, but when I asked her if she could look a couple bags up for me so i could purchase them over the phone, she really was unknowledgeable, and basically said she didn't know how to, so I should just "periodically" keep checking the site.

    I told her I didn't mind doing that, but I didn't want to miss out on the deals for the bag I wanted, and she said there was nothing she could do. That's really frustrating to me, since Annie was able to call an SA and buy that prada bag....

    :tdown::tdown: for computer glitches....screwed me over TWICE this week on DIFFERENT website:cursing::cursing:
  15. i saw this bag last night.. sold out!