Prada Valentines day

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    Prada goodies for Valentines day this year !!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Yeah thanx for the pics!!!! Not for me but I still LOVE looking!!!!
  5. Looks like Miuccia has been peeking into Hermès' windows now. :whistle:
  6. i received the catalogue yesterday

    i told myself i am not interested.. but i found myself looking at the two particular cell chains.. hehe

    should i get the fluffy teddy with the pink bunny ears?

    or the metal teddy with a skirt and bunny ears?

    i am gg to get my iphone in a weeks' time.. i have never used a cellular chain before.. does anyone know if the iphone has a slot thingy for a cellular chain

    pls excuse me for this dumb question.. i have never accessorised my phone before, nor do i thought about looking at an iphone for the slot thingy prior to wanting to get a cellular chain!

  7. Yes everybody's copying H CDC bracelet--LV has one and even Longchamp has one.

    Thanks for posting and sharing.
  8. I have an iPhone - it's the original, but I don't think the basic design has changed. I see no where that a chain or anything could be attached to it!

  9. Oh you got catalogue Mave, please show me what else are available for V-day ?
  10. How cute! Where did you get these pics?

    And please, if there are other items for Valentines...please share!!
  11. Regardless of copying or not...I like the bracelet!
  12. congrats!!
  13. errm.. how do i show you what's on the catalogue?
  14. Never mind Mave, I'm going to London on Wednesday, will see everything in real :smile:

  15. Oh, I like it too and since it's Prada vs. Hermes it should be a lot cheaper(in theory anyway).
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