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  1. I just had a question about this particular style of backpack. I have been looking around for one of these and I was wondering if this style came with the signature Prada lining, like the purses and messangers do?
    Thanks for the help
  2. PLEASE HELPPPPPP...Also can I per say take to a NM or something to get it verified that it is authenticate or where would I have to take it?
  3. You posted this thread in THREE different areas..This is NOT permitted..ONLY ONE thread per topic please.
  4. SORRRRRRRRYYYY...I won't do it anymore...I just really need some opinions, someone plese help...does anyone know where I can check if my purchase it authenticate or not?!?!?!
  5. geez calm down...........just poke around a little bit and you'll see several "Authenticate this" stickies. The v135 was available on Amazon for $100- some enterprising ebayers bought a ton and are selling at a tidy profit.
  6. i heard Amazon sells fakes.. :s
  7. I have been looking around and asking, some sellers say they come with the monogram lining some say they don't, and I believe the authentic ones do. Does anyone have any reccomended websites where I can shop at to find the backpack? Has anyone heard of,, or!
  8. All fake. :sad:
  9. Oh noooo, good thing I didn't buy anything from those websites. THANKSSS! Do you know any reputable sights? Also, does anyone know if the Prada backpack, V135, has the monogram linging? Everyone has a deifferent reply so I was hoping some of you would know?
  10. ^STYLEDROPS and Raffaello-network sell legit Prada items..check there.
  11. What about Does all prada come with auth. card, dust bag, and care card?
  12. I haven't heard of them. I looked at their Prada keychains and they look fake to me so that's not a good sign.

    Since you're forking over so much money, you should stick to stores/sites that you KNOW sell only authentic items. If you see a deal that looks too good to be true - It probably is.
  13. I haven't found anysite reputable sites or stores that carry that particluar item, the Prada backpack V135. Please, anyone, let me know if you are aware of any site that may carry this style.
  14. By the way has anyone heard of
  15. I have been trying to shop at but I have trouble loading it. I have etheret connection so my connection is fast enough. Does/has anyone else had these problems?