Prada Trunk/Stud Bag - Has Anyone Seen Them?

  1. Ever since seeing Jills glazed trunk bag (Would you pay 3580 for this bag ) I can't get this bag out of my mind.

    I was at NM last night and they had a version of the bag that was smaller but didn't have the long strap. I called Prada this morning and the SA told me they are expecting two additional versions of the bag. One is 11 1/2" long and the other is 14". Both have long straps but she didn't have any other measurements. The smaller one was around 2900 and the larger, around 3100.

    Has anyone seen either of these bags (Cougess or Rollergirl???)

    Help Please :smile:
  2. LOL..Im loadin a pic of the grey small one now....and getting it too..hehe...
    startin a new thread....
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    anxiously waiting .........
  4. :heart::heart::heart:

    But I NEED the long strap...
  5. ^ The ones with the long strap are just tooooo BIG for me.Too much goin on in the bigger size....KWIM?
    You guys know me..Im SOOO not a handheld bag kinda gal...BUT this one is SO MINE!LMAO!
  6. I know - lol

    What's got me confused is that Prada told me today there are two other bags they didn't get in yet, both with long straps and handles. One for around 2900 and the other for around 3100...

    one is 11 1/2' long and the other is 14" long...and the prices didn't match your original supersized bag or your new one...

    So i'm confused :confused1:
  7. ^Im goin to the Prada store on SUNDAY..I will get u all the info and sizes on them.
  8. I love you ...........thanks Jill ;)
  9. ^HEEHEE!
    Anytime Girl!
  10. Yes! We need all of the info from Sonia at Prada...will be waiting patiently... :tup:
  11. hi!

    ive seen these bags in the prada store in brown thomas dublin AMAZING!!! is all i can say they have 2 colours grey and like a creamy colour edged in black and with studs.AMAZING!! 2 sizes small and a big size
  12. Love this bag -- really want to see more pics, as people buy it.
  13. I went to Prada and they were already sold out of trunk bags.....They found out they ARENT gettin the small one I found at Saks either.So Im glad I got the small one for EGC..HEHE
  14. LTL, I just saw this. Like you, I want one that isn't as big as a house but that also has a long strap. I haven't seen one yet, but am searching.