Prada tricks

  1. Ok, so I'd like to buy my sister a Prada trick to go with the Prada purse that I got her. Its pretty much a wristlet size, so I think a trick would really stand out and look cute. Prada is still making them, right? Are they too "out?" I think they're really cute.
  2. I know they sell them at Raffaello-network..last time I a Prada may get a sale
  3. I use Hope at the NY Prada store...
  4. Thanks Jill, I saw those on the R. network - they were the robot style mainly. I'm looking at a heart trick on Ebay, the seller has 100% feedback and the Neimans tags are attached. I just didn't want to get something too last season. I think I've seen tricks in Neimans recently, so I'm going to go ahead and buy it.
  5. If you have a NM Last Call in driving distance, they've got a bunch for under $50.
  6. Thanks! I saw some at the Saks outlet too, but I was looking for either a camel colored or black heart. My sister's purse is quilted camel with black leather accents. I went ahead and got one on Ebay that still had the Neiman's tags - its a black heart. I think its going to be really cute on her purse. The black heart cracks me up more anyway.
  7. I Always Wanted The Heart Trick....I'm Off To "Off 5th" Tomorrow!!!