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  1. my boyfriend owns one and actually wants to sell it. I don't reccommend it especially if u don't have sticks for fingers. The texting is hard - u frequently touch the letters next to it. Although if all u want is a trendy phone to show off then its good. Functions are pretty average.
  2. :tdown:I got rid of mine as i kept missing calls....!
  3. wow, sounds pretty bad to me. What caused you to miss calls- ?
  4. What service provider does the phone work with?
  5. It works on a GSM /SIM card-- TMobile-AT&T

    There will be a GUCCI cell phone coming in a couple of years and a surge in designer cell phones..I'd better wait for them, maybe they'll get better and have a lighter price tag..The ARMANI phone is built better but for some reason costs more over here than the Prada...(darn)
  6. I used it for a few days and it was not a good experience. The iPhone is heaps better.
  7. Oh i would love a Prada phone.
  8. I'd rather have the LG Voyager.. touchscreen and also has a keyboard.

  9. The Prada came out before the iPhone.:yes:

    I just watched all the YouTube vids and I am getting it!:yahoo::p I'm too impatient to wait for the Gucci or Chanel..etc..
    I don't have time for texting, it's easier to make calls and use my pc for mssgs, and always around a computer at home & work so I don't need it for internet.

    I love the black sleek skinny style, lightweight, simple, understated, and I do have small fingers so I should be fine. It's only $260. NOT $700 yaay!:nuts: