Prada Tote

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    girls do u think this Vitello Daino tote will go out of style in a few years time. i have bought it but at at the same time i don't want something which is seasonal. i hope i am making sense.

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  2. I have this one and I don't think this is seasonal at all!
  3. No I do not think that it is seasonal. Timeless :smile:.
  4. I think it's a classic style/shape.....there aren't any extra trendy things on the bag so I think it will last many seasons/years!

    Can you take a lot of pictures and modeling pictures of this bag? I would love to see more of this bag!
  5. This bag is not seasonal...this is something that you can use year round, is functional. timeless & classic for sure! Glad you got it...I think yoiu'll get a ton of use out of it!! Congrats!
  6. thanks girls for ur feedback. i really appreciate it.
  7. I agree with the others!
  8. I am so jealous you have it!! I haven't seen it in Canada and the few that had appeared on BF all got snatched up.

    More pics pleeeeeeease??? :smile: