Prada "tote" with side pockets??


Sep 9, 2011
So I tried on a great prada bag today at neiman marcus. The SA said it was a shopping was a light beige color, had double handles and pockets on the side.

It was similar to this bag but was a bit more structured so it did not sag at the bottom as much as a hobo.

I would love to find the bag I saw today in a darker color....any help?
I know the bag you're talking about. It comes in beige and a light gray color as well. When I was looking last week, the NM near me had it in black as well. Chances are they're simply sold out in black. It's no longer on the NM website either. The Bloomingdales near me had the beige and light gray. Perhaps worth checking Bloomingdales near you to see if they have it in black. They told me different stores get different stock.

Hope that helps.