prada tote marked down to $455

  1. I have this bag and I love it! Hope someone here gets it!
  2. It's gone! Thanks for posting it.

    No - I'm not the one that got it, either.......
  3. that was fast
  4. wow, pretty bag..too bad it's gone..hope someone from pf got it
  5. It's back!
  6. It sure is! I just ordered it. $513 including tax! Wooo! :yahoo:
  7. I guess they have yet another one - go get it someone!
  8. From the measurements, it doesn't seem very big for a tote - most of my totes are at least 16" wide. It is a great deal though and still available!
  9. Awesome, I got it for 487 including tax and shipping!
  10. The handles seem pretty tight to carry over shoulder. Can someone answer this? Thanks!
  11. its back again. great deal.
  12. Yes, it seems hard to carry over shoulder. But it comes with a long shoulder strap.
  13. Its Still Online...
  14. Does anyone know if it has an exterior pocket on the back? I was thinking of getting this as a Xmas gift for my sister, but she MUST have an exterior pocket. She's anal about that.