Prada Tote for US$690?

  1. it's quite cute
  2. Wow!
  3. I don't know if that's a price mistake on the part of Neiman Marcus or what since I'm no Prada expert, but great price for a cute bag! I'm almost tempted to get it but I bet it'd look like I was carrying around a chevron-quilted ottoman since I'm so tiny.
  4. That sounds about right for a Prada nylon, non-leather bag. It would be three times as much if it was leather.
    It is really cute!
  5. Oh, my! It looks like the same bag!
    Could NM be that wrong?

    HURRY! Get it while you can from NM!!!!
  6. They look a bit different to me... The one on the bluefly has less quilting and includes a leather shoulder strap... that might be a reason for the price difference. Also, bluefly's "retail price" is often marked higher so it looks like the customer is getting a better deal than they actually are.
    Also, the one at the neiman could be a "promotional" one... the website says you cannot order more than 3 in 30 day period?
  7. No worries with Neiman Marcus, they only sell authentic bags.
  8. I don't know about Prada London Dolly, but that photo of your baby in the avatar is beautiful.....
  9. :love: Thanks for the complement! That's my girl taken when she was just 1 week old! She's 3mths & 2weeks now!!

    Anyway, I ordered tis bag! Couldn't resist! It's a great size and I think I'm gonna love it!
  10. YAY!!!
    Please post pix when you get it.
  11. that price does seem low, usually their simple nylon bags can be that price...... NM has made mistakes before.
  12. FYI, Neiman's ALWAYS puts that "limit of 3" disclaimer on anything by a designer. So, that's nothing special. Maybe that is the actual retail price for this is, after all, only nylon ('course, I know that is no guarantee of low prices in the designer world.. :p )