Prada/tods/gucci Bags At

  1. Just Checked Out This Site. Rarely See Designer Goods...have Good Amount Of Prada Bags/shoes although Not The Newest But I Would Imagine All Authentic. Not Giveaway Prices But Fair Deals. I Have Never Purchased A Bag At Overstock But Have purchased many Other Things And Have Always Been Pleased. They Also Have Some Gucci, Celine, Tod's And Dolce Bags And Some Shoes...definitely Worth Checking Out.;)
  2. their pics on the website always look kinda like fake to me
  3. I don't know about authenticity, but I ordered a Givenchy pumpkin bag from, and the condition was terrible. It was faded and streaky, and looked quite beat-up. I returned the item. It has now been over a month, and I still have not gotten my money back. When I look at my account the return is still "pending".
  4. Wow...I guess the bottom line is you just can not trust anyone but the major dept stores and the designer boutiques. How is the average consumer supposed to survive? Thanks for the heads up although I was not intending on purchasing anything from Overstock but I hope this helps anyone who was...
  5. Yeah I have heard too that Overstock is crappy and their tends to be alot of fakes on there.

  6. That's why we're all here -- to help each other! Thanks for posting -- it's good for all of us to know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to handbag shopping (and for other stuff too)! :yes:
  7. My boss bought me a Burberry umbrella from there for my birthday and I am starting to doubt that it is real. The Burberry logo has rubbed off. The sad thing it still cost her almost $80.
  8. wow, can't believe it.. thanks for the heads up!
  9. I wonder when, if ever, someone will shut all these sites down? I think the old saying is get what you pay for. Must we all just pay full retail??? Or wait for the sales /
  10. I have a friend that loves Coach and she's always referring to Overstock when she something she likes.I just shake my head.She doesn't realize that she's buying a Catch instead of a Coach.

  11. oh man, how do they get away with it...yuck
  12. Update: My return finally went through :smile:
  13. Hmmm - Tod's Will Have To Check It Out - Thanks!