Prada Tessuto Wallets

  1. I have a Prada wallet... and I'm beginning to question it's authenticity.

    I bought it on ebay and I have a feeling I got screwed over.

    Anyways, does anyone have the wallets with Tessuto leather? What is the texture like? Mine feels rather smooth and a bit plasticy... if that makes any sense. :P
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  3. tessuto is microfibre nylon in translation if im not mistaken. Prada leather is luxurious and never feels plasticky. check also the stitches on your prada... are they straight? to be sure it would be best to post pics...

    btw, if the price is too cheap and the wallet was brand new, it may be fake. i'm so sorry dear.. but to be sure maybe you should post pics.
  4. yes..Pics are necessary to look at it