Prada Tessuto Oro Tote

  1. Does anyone know the colour range for this collection? So far, I have seen orange, green and pink. I saw a black - but not too sure whether it is legit or not? I would like to get a black one. Please help!
  2. Pics?
  3. Don't have pictures of the black tote, but this is how the bag looks like. If I can't find out, I'll have to go to down to the boutique.
  4. Ok.Ive seen it at Saks and NM.They make it in black.
  5. :yahoo: Thanks Jill! Is the stamp in front gold as well? So sorry to ask so much questions - I can't seem to find any reference to this bag on the net, and I don't have the time to go down to the boutique.
  6. Try this URL


  7. Thanks biscuiterie! You saved me a trip!
  8. It is really cute in the black.
  9. I like it in black the best actually..Its more timeless and classy!
  10. Just came back from Prada - they have no black ones - have to wait for it. But, from what I can see, the workmanship for the bag is :confused1: ! Crooked lines and the stamp on the front was not even aligned properly I asked the SA whether it was a real one! She looked offended but hell, if I am going to spend close to US$1000.00 for a bag, it better be sewn properly - I can sew better than that - the line was crooked. I should be offended! I didn't bother inspecting the others since I wasn't going to buy it, but can anyone with the bag tell me if theirs are sewn nicely?