Prada Spring Summer Collection 2012

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  1. Hey guys I wonder if any of you bought any of the Spring Summer Collection clutches, bags, eyeglasses, shoes.... I am absolutely obsessed with all of them. Specially the ones with the cars, the lips, and the ROSES!!!!! *drools*

    This is part of the runway collection:

    some of the clutches:

    I am trying to find the one with the rose :sad: but no luck! haha I'm also hoping to receive the white one with the lips. I tracked it down after calling 50 stores (not kidding, 50! and still counting for the rose one).

    I do own the dixie sunglasses in green: (the ones on the left) They were expensive $430 on ebay :/ but they are pretty amazing and once I saw Anna dello Russo wearing them I had to have them!

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  2. Yes! I am totally obsessed with this line too (and thank you for posting all those drool worthy links!) I bought the studded sandal with metal heel, scored at Nordy's for $260 and a half size too big (but making it work all the same). Then MiuMiu had a retro but mod feeling wedge with metal inset on the heel, I picked those up in coral and black. I did buy the Prada sandal (in the link enclosed)

    also at Nordy's for $260 but again a half size too big and it just didn't work - too loose to stay on my foot. Lastly I scored the nude pump with metal heel and tail lights on sale last week, but it hasn't arrived yet. It's also a half size off (beggars can't be choosers!) so I HOPE it fits! I really want a sandal with flames of some sort but there isn't much left so I think I have waited too long :smile: I will post some pics of what I have so far soon!
  3. Rats! My camera photos are way too big so some links instead:
    This pump is in the mail, hope it fits:

    This one is my fave and quite comfy:

    I had to send this one back, a shame as it's pretty, but it was just too big:

    Lastly, I bought 2 of these, black suede and coral suede, it is the most comfy shoe ever:

    OK I hope these links work! Fingers crossed :smile:
  4. I got the lip clutch in white($660),

    the lips flip flops in white ($210),

    and the rose with black flat sandals($425)...

    I'm considering getting one of the grill clutches but they are $2500! it's heart breaking... the one with the roses.

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  5. I dont blame you! the shoes are to die for. I was in love with the flame wedges in red, but I dont have 2000 dollars for ONE PAIR ONLY! Plus I do terribly with heels and I'm not sure i'd be able to walk in them :/
  6. You got some really fab stuff! Congrats! Are those lip flip flops comfy? Prada's patent shoes can be a bit stiff - I want those but was worried the bit between the toes would be too stiff!
  7. Oh my gosh, yes the flame wedges! Shoot I sure want those but not for that price! I settled on getting the Met's flame shoe ornament for my xmas tree - only $30 and it sure is cute! The studded sandals with metal heel I have are a very good heel height for me - about 3 and 1/4 inches. The pumps with the tail light say they are 4 and 1/4 inches - frankly I don't know if I will be able to walk in those, I have runners knee and they may kill me! Oh dear!
  8. I'm taming them at home lol. I plan on wearing a not-so-sexy-but-oh-so-necessary bandaid.

    I really am ruminating about the double rose clutch. It's 2500 bucks though :sad:
  9. I've literally just made a thread relating to this and why people don't buy more!! This is by far my favourite ever Prada collection! I'm male so I don't really have much use for the bags but the prints on some of the clothes were fabulous!
  10. Piarpreet, I can't beleive that roses clutch you want hasn't been marked down yet, it must be time! The stores are loaded with Fall merch, they have to start reducing that bag so you can get one! :smile: So my taillight pumps arrived today, they are teeny in the 9 (I am more of a 9 and 1/2) but in these I would probably need a 10 and 1/2. They ridicuous pitch of the heel doesn't help matters either. A pity.
  11. Ah yes the taming of the shoe - I know that game!! Bring on the bandaids ;)
  12. I may have to get the flipflops if I can still find some on the 'bay' in my size, clearly my days of 4 and 1/2 inch hells are over!!!
  13. Droody love your blog! Yes, the cars them and prints are so much fun! I just love them!! My usual uniform is jeans or black trousers with fab/flashy accessories so I am always up for Prada's more unusual offerings (The Fairies collection cost me a bundle as did the Fringe Collection!):biggrin:

  14. Ha and I guess my type-o of hells is perhaps more accurate than heels as they are pretty hellish to wear!!
  15. Thank you so much! Me too! I honestly adore Prada!