Prada spring sale started today - Bal harbor saks

  1. Picked up this one today
  2. Beautiful
    How much is the sale
    Is this all Prada stores ?
  3. Yes - 40 and 50 off sections
  4. Started in Houston yesterday too!!! I got the same bag in navy but cant pick up til Friday!
  5. Gorgeous color. Do you have the sku # for it? Or an SA to recommend? Thank you.
  6. My Saks SA has these in size 40, run true to size. price $270. PM if ready to buy.
  7. Yes - she is great!!!
    Mayra Garcia

    PRADA, Saks 5th Avenue
    Bal Harbour Shops
    9700 Collins Avenue
    Bal Harbour, FL 33154
    T: 917.400.9659
  8. Picked up this Prada digital print pouch/wristlet (size 9x6) for $154 from the Saks website. I should get it in a few days. :smile:

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    For those who received a Saks email presale these bags are currently available in the color and prices shown. :smile:
  10. Anyone know if the Daino zip leather tote is on sale? Thanks!
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    Hi on the Saks site I only see the double zip I posted above and this one.


    Im not aware of a Prada sale other than Saks and the outlets.
  12. The Prada store has presale!
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    The 3 Prada stores in NYC told me there is no sale going on. That's why I mentioned a Prada sale at Saks and the outlets.
    Did you get a special invite?
  14. Ok it pays to persevere lol. The Prada store a Madison Avenue told me they have a presale going on. ;)

    It's really strange about the other stores I called. Glad I called another one lol
  15. Super strange indeed! I just walked in and asked at the store :smile:
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