Prada splurge reveal!!!

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  1. Hey Girls,

    Just wanted to share my special finds with all of you!
    black saffiano double zip and matching bracelet
    cat eye sunglasses


    Attached Files:

  2. Beautiful pieces. I'm usually on the Chanel forum looking to buy a prada bag soon. In love with your pieces may I ask how much was the purse and bracelet. Thanks for sharing your fab finds.
  3. Thanks! The bag is size small for $1750 and the bracelet is $295! Good luck with your adventure :smile:

  4. Love it all! Enjoy xx
  5. All black everything ;) Loves it!
  6. I think black is so classic lol!
  7. Thank you! :smile:
  8. So beautiful! I have the same bag, but in 1801.
    Black is so chic and classic.
    The bracelet and sunnies are gorgeous too - looks like you had heaps of fun!
  9. Thank you so much. Enjoy!
  10. Both are lovely, the bag and the bracelet!! :smile:
  11. love everything, the sunnies are awesome! I'm still wearing my round baroques because I haven't found something that equals them....these may have to be my next pair!! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you! I love these sunnies cuz they're very different and chic! Apparently they're super popular right now. I got them online from Norstrom cuz they were sold out at saks, prada boutique etc, and Norstrom was on back order the next day...!!! So if you're wanting to get them, you may have to search a bit lol. Good luck!
  13. haha of course! it's always a hunt for the unique sunglasses!

    I am still trying to find a pair of ombre round sunnies from Chanel...I think they're 2009...the olsen twins wore them quite a bit and I have never found them :sad:
  14. Love your black bag. It's gorgeous! Is it the 2316?
  15. Lovely collection, congrats