Prada Soft Calf

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
Thinking of buying a tote from this line. The leather is beautiful! But does it hold up to lots of wear (like everyday)?

If you're talking about the plain calfskin with no fancy finishes, yes it will hold up magnificently! I had one that I carried all the time and never had any problems with it. Certainly you don't want to treat it like a discount store backpack, but with a bit of care it will last for ages. :smile:


What the VEEP?
Nov 28, 2006
Well I don't treat any of my bags and they hold up just fine. One of my soft calf bags got caught in some rain the other day and it got a little wet. Raindrops dried and it still looks good as new. No stains or marks.

I know some gals on this forum can comment on what kinds of pretreaters they use.