Prada Soft Calf Hobo!

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  1. I haven't had a Prada bag since a year ago, when I got my hands on a Fairy, and then eventually decided to give it up (too fragile for me!). I saw this bag at Saks over the weekend, and I HAD to have it! :love: I loove the soft leather, the pockets on the sides, everything! I'll put a modeling pic up when my bf gets home!

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  2. that bag is so pretty!!! modeling pics pleaseeee ;)
  3. I love this bag so much. The black is gorgeous. It is so pretty it deserves a bigger picture!!

  4. Ah, great bag, now very similar to Emmy's bag that she put her luggage tag on.
  5. i really love the prada tag on this bag... oh you know you can also accessorize the bag with an additional signature luggage tag like EMMY :P
  6. Ooh, how do I get the additional signature luggage tag?
  7. ooooohhhhhhh.... it looks sooo smossshhhyy!!! congrats! :love:
  8. Wow..this bag is wow! I love it! Congrats!!
  9. Ooooooh! That's one of the bags I've lusting after! It's sooooo pretty! Model pic, please!
  10. Yeah HOLY CRAP I thought that was my bag at first...LOVE this bag though..yes yes yes!!! Congrats!!!! That leather is as smushy as it looks lol!!!
  11. Thanks everyone! :biggrin: I'll post modeling pics soon! I tried to do it myself with the mirror and uh... discovered the mirror was in need of a good cleaning! lol.
  12. LOVE that bag!! So pleased there is no Prada boutique close by :biggrin:
  13. Don't you just love Prada leather? I have a couple soft calf bags and the smell is like a drug.

    Congrats, she's a beauty! If this bag doesn't rekindle the Prada flame I don't know what will!
  14. Still no modeling pics! Bf came home too late last night, and I didn't feel like asking him... maybe today. He hates bags, so I have to catch him in a really good mood too. :rolleyes:

    And yes, alouette, I love the leather!! :biggrin:
  15. beautiful bag, i'm trying to look for one too, after seeing Emmy with it.
    Do you mind post the SKU # from saks.? thanks