Prada Soft Calf/Dirty lining/Please help me

  1. I have for about two months BN 1713 Soft Calf (I posted about the bag here ).

    Lining is cut from soft leather. Unfortunately after two months of wearing there are two black horizontal lines :sad: It apparently arises when worn. I don't know from what it might be. My camera could not capture it very well, so I marked the location with arrows. Dirty (dark grey/black) lines lead among those arrows on both sides. I tried cleaning it with spray for cleaning skin, but it is still visible and I am afraid that the more I'll try to clean it, the more it will look dirty and not good :shucks:

  2. What do you carry in your bag? Looks like it might be from rubbing off on something?
  3. It looks like the black leather trim on the interior is rubbing on each side. Do you keep it snapped or unsnapped? Snapping will help keep the sides lined up and reduce friction. As far as cleaning, I think you might need something for dye, but not sure how that will react with lining material. Have you tried a baby wipe or possibly leather cleaner? Just my two cents.
  4. I think it's not, I not carry anything that could cause this :sad:
  5. Maybe it is from this rubbing. I'm so sad about this. I keep it snapped. Interior is suede leather, very soft. I tried leather cleaner but it seems that is not working and I'm afraid it 'cause it will look even more dingy. I don't tried baby wipe, so I will try it! Thanks for this idea :tup:
  6. It's from the black leather, normal wear and tear, IMO. I wouldn't try and clean it.
  7. Sorry for my bad english... so you mean not worth trying to clean?
  8. Your English is great.

    I think it's just normal rub-off from the black leather which will keep happening with normal use. I don't think you should start adding cleansers and stuff, because you could ruin the lining.
  9. ok, thank you so much ladies! i will try ignore that

    alliemia, yep that it what i think too...that i could ruin the lining (very soft suede leather)