Prada Small Nylon and Leather Tote

  1. I just bought this from the Bergdorf Goodman website for $569.
    The regular price was $1,265.
    I'm still thinking if I should keep it or cancel.

    What do all think?
  2. Oh I love the nylon bags!!! I would keep it...Is this a 'crispy bag'? Prada nylon will never is great for bad weather days and outings where you're worried about scraping your good leather it!!! Post pics when you get it..even if you send it back..I think you made a great choice..but make your decision in front of your mirror!!! Only keep it if you love it and you'll use it...otherwise it's a such a waste...Good luck!!!
  3. i think you should keep it. i got something similiar and love it to pieces! a great everyday bag!
  4. keep keep keep!!! I love those quilted nylons!!! so durable too!!!