Prada Small Monochrome Tote vs. Givenchy Antigona mini

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  1. Hello all! So I know these two bags are somewhat around the same size, but I’m pretty stuck between the two.. the Antigona has always been a bag on my wishlist, but since stumbling upon this Prada bag I’ve been in love with it! I believe the Prada bag might just barely be a little bigger too. The Prada also has a bit longer of a handle drop, which I appreciate. Although I don’t know that that should be a decision making factor.. (I’m a plus size woman, so the more space under the top handle the better to fit on my arm)
    I see the Antigona a lot, but I’ve rarely found videos on the Prada one so I think it’s unique (to me anyway). So now I’m looking for some guidance, which do you think is a better choice? Investment wise, looks wise, convenience, maintainance, etc.
    This will be my first new designer handbag as a college graduation present to myself, so I want to make the right decision. Thanks for any and all help and opinions!
  2. I'm also in love with the Prada Monochrome. It's on my wish list.
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  3. My friend got the Antigona last year as a graduation/starting grad school present & swears by it! SSense also has a few colors on sale. They’re both beautiful bags, though.
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  4. you cant go wrong with either but antigona is givenchys classic bag!
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  5. 7F7CF78F-22A5-43C5-BC83-873E65C07B71.jpeg Monochrome in white which I purchased in the spring and I love it
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  6. Is yours the small or larger size? If it's the larger size, do you find it to be heavy?
  7. @Terri Scott its the smaller one
  8. I prefer the Prada, I like the shape better and I find the Givenchy Antigona style bulky looking. The Prada is a nice classic shape and looks understated imo.
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