Prada Sizing

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  1. hello!!!!
    i have another quick question in regards to the sizings of pradas
    i'm a 8.5 in miu miu, 8.5 in gucci, 39 in manolos, 39 in LV

    i wanted to ask if the sizing of prada was similar to miu miu sizings
    i find miu miu to be very true to size so is prada the same?
    i'm eyeing a pair of flats
    thanku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all help will be appreciated! :wlae:
  2. I'm a 38 in Gucci and 38 in Prada. With Manolos or Louboutins, it seems to depend on which way the wind was blowing when the shoe was made!:shrugs:

    Don't know about Miu Miu, though.
  3. I'm the same size as you and use 39 in Prada, 38,5 in Miu Miu
  4. i find prada runs true to size also.
  5. For some reason I have to go up half a size for Prada. I'm a 7B in Gucci and a 37.5 in Prada :shrugs:
  6. I go half a size up in Prada as well...if this helps
  7. i find prada and miu miu sizing to be the same. hope this helps...
  8. I'm an 8 in Gucci flats, but a 38.5 in Prada. 38.5 in Manolo, 38.5 in Ferragamo, 8 in J.Crew. Then again I'm usually an 8.5, so maybe its just those particular Guccis. I find Prada to be pretty true to size.
  9. eeeek, i go down a 1/2 size in prada and miu miu. I usually wear a 36.5 and i'm a 36 in prada/miu miu. But this is for open toed shoes.

    When i wear closed toed, i just go up 1/2 size for my comfort level... so i wear a 37 in gucci.
  10. i go down half a size for miu miu and a whole size for prada if it's a particularly generous style. if it's a closed toe that looks particularly painful to wear, or a boot i don't size down though. i wear a 38.5 in miu miu and marc jacobs, 39 in manolo and 38 in most prada but have a couple of pairs in a 39 as well.
  11. i think it'll also depends on the shoe styles, but i wear the same size for both brands (both are pumps with pointy fronts)
  12. I wear a 39 in marc jacobs, a 39.5 in prada, a 39.5 in Manolos and 39 in Louboutins.
  13. thanks so much for everyone's response
    i also went to my local dept store to try the prada flats
    and all they had was either 38 or 39
    i tried the 39 in heels and wedges and they felt alrite!!!
    probably would give a little so 8.5 it is!!
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