prada - singapore, australia, US website

  1. Hi pple,
    considering making a first prada purchase? where would be the best place to get one? singapore, aus or frm a Us website since the AU and US currency now is almost on par...

    cheers.... eyeing those simple nylon totes...
    esp the white crispy tote in white with gold handles..
  2. serious? didn't know that. been eyeing prada and chanel bags and on my way saving for them.. haha just got a balenciaga.....
    been browsing the american websites and thought they might be cheaper over in the states
    cos i am in melbourne most of the time, the collection here is quite pathetic.. hahah shall go back spore and go to the boutique to look see.
  3. the prices in town would have included 7% GST. that's quite substantial, so, if possible, get the bag in the departure hall of changi airport. i'm off balenciaga now. that prada bag suits my frame alot and the silver hardware isn't too flashy. i'll be saving for this one or another smaller purse that has a shoulder sling. they're not as massive and less bulky then most prada/miumiu bags i've seen :biggrin:

    do you have the prices in melby? if you have the info, please share here. tia!
  4. not sure about bbags.. i havent been back since the store opened.. but i know chanel is wayyy more ex in sg then in the US
  5. Oooohhh, I just received my black crispy in the large size from Bluefly and absolutely LOVE it!! The white is gorgeous too!! Be sure to post picks when you get her!!;)
  6. Prada and Miu Miu is pretty ok-priced here (especially with the 10% VIP discount :graucho::graucho::graucho:), unlike Chanel and Balenciaga. However, if you have the chance you can try Hong Kong or Taipei (my personal fav and the cheapest in Asia) as they have a much more extensive collection in the stores as compared to the SG ones.
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  7. hey gal, would you know when the sales start in HK? for most brands like Prada and YSL?
  8. Shopping in Australia is so pathetic, their local brands are horrible charging super expensive prices with ultra horrible quality, and plus their ideas are usually borrowed all from other designers. Prada in sydney is pretty expensive if compare to Singapore, cos i bought a pair of patent leather shoes for $770AUD that is around $1000SG whereas if i would have got it in Singapore which my friend did for $800SG. So buy from either Singapore, Hongkong or Taiwan, after all Australia is really expensive and behind the world in fashion hahhaha
  9. Hi Miu2 are u in Australia? How much did the Australian custom charge you for your import for, I had a friend she paid around 35% extra for her bags (25% for import and 10% for GST on imports) in the end the bag is more expensive than the ones in prada.
  10. hahah thanks air orbit. but i hv no choice. i am stuck in Melbourne AUS most of the time and goes back to Spore for holidays. I guess i have to wait to go HK or elsewhere for hols and do my shopping!!!
  11. haha I am stuck in Sydney AUS most of the time too, I go back to Singapore to visit my parents and start shopping there. Melbourne David Jones and Crown Prada very very little stuff and over price. but do u know if u leave australia to head back to singapore just bring your passport and airticket to prada they can make it tax free for u (u can save up to 12.5% to 15%), but then again SG and HK prada is the cheapest
  12. yea i know we can get the tax refund if you buy any item above $300 within a month of leaving the country. i guess i just have to wait to go to those places to shop. i prefer to look and see the bag itself before i buy it. the great thing is that my sis is heading to HK nxt mth for hols, but the saddest bit is that i am flat BROKE! sigh so i can just window shop for now...
  13. pinkiestarlet, is Prada really cheaper in Taipei than in Singapore? Am heading to Taipei in a week's time! Fell in love with the Prada bow tote, but forgot to check how much it retails for here. Anyone knows? Thanks in advance :smile:
  14. glossie, sorry for the late reply. I love to go Hong Kong in July (when their summer sales start) and during (or rather after) the Christmas season cos they will have crazy markdowns from Boxing DAY to NYE.

    nymph2106, it's definitely cheaper (around 10-15% cheaper depending on the item) and they have everything! Check out the store at Taipei 101, love it to bits and customer service is excellent. The only downside is that the shoe sizes they carry are pretty limited unlike SG where they carry up to size 40.