Prada Silver Gauffre Messenger Bag

  1. Arrived today on consignment - need to decide by tomorrow whether or not to keep the bag. I had a silver mirror speedy that I sold because I did not like the handles - this bag is much easier to carry because of the strap. I'm leaning towards keeping it but comments/reviews appreciated!


    Does it come in other colors????ME WANT!
  3. Ha! Don't know, maybe patent leather? This came from the other Prada in NYC - ask for Gordana!
  4. OMG, I love the style too -- is it leather (duh, I assume it is)? I am not sure how I feel about the color, but I am not a silver bag kind of person. If you are, this is one gorgeous bag. Way nicer than the speedy iMO.
  5. definately nicer than LV speedy...
  6. I love this!! I dont think its nicer than the speedy just different! I love my speedy!!! The prada is gorgeous. I would have both!
  7. I really like it Cougess!
  8. I checked the card - it is leather which is also why its so $$! If you like silver - this bag is as bright as the speedy, but for me easier to carry. It has lots of pockets also - 2 on either side, 2 in the front and a zipped pocket that runs the length of the bag in the back.
  9. I keep coming back to look at this bag and I never EVER like metallics..LOL..IMPRESSIVE!
  10. ^ you should get it! You would love it. :p
  11. ^Im gonna call and see if it comes in any other colors.......Ive been VERY bad this week..REALLY BAD actually..heehee
  12. ^Jill. The silver one is the best one!! I love this colour! So much better than LV or Gucci.. LV/Gucci's miroir/platinum guccisima lines are so tacky and hideous!!
  13. I really like it. You should definitely keep it, as it's not a widely-owned style.
  14. Jill, have you found out if it comes in other colors?
  15. I think it also comes in white leather and a camel/beige leather color.