Prada shoes

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  1. I have a couple of prada shoes and for me they run a little big
  2. And for me also
  3. ^ that link brings me to a pair of Valentino's
  4. the booties i just got seem to run a bit small, but maybe its just because of how high the heel is.... and im still breaking them in
  5. Sorry, the link doesn't seem to work anymore and the shoes are removed from the sale section (probably sold out). Here is an image from google..
    except mine is black. What do you think I should do?? Cancle the order or test them out? They were regularly 629 CAD, and I got them for a total of $308 CAD (including tax, shipping and duty & brokerage).
  6. I find Prada shoes run a tad small. I am a 9 in a sandal and their 9.5 is a perfect fit. Those are beautiful in that silvery color, I think you'll enjoy them! Congrats!!
  7. I think they should do just fine. Get them and try them on. If not, then return.