Prada Shoe problem. Please read if you've been to Hong Kong

  1. I'm having a bit of a problem with my Prada pumps and I was just curious to see if this has happened to anyone else.

    Normally Prada is renowned for being one of the better designer shoe maker (namely great for work and pro-long wear). I can wear my babies for 11 hours, through work into the night no problems and even better no pain.

    At the moment I'm in Hong Kong and I took my Prada's with me. Only problem is I couldn't even last 10 minutes here without my pumps cutting up my heels and peeling my skin! Is it because of the humidity here? (I'm from Canada so its a tad drier there) Should I make another attempt to wear these shoes here?

    This has never happened to me before and I'm really disappointed :sad: These were my favourite becaues I could trot all over town in these and now I can't even walk to the train station.
  2. Your feet are prob sweating and hence swollen..Change your shoes...find a cute pair of kitten heels..something that wont hurt
  3. sponge_cake,
    if you are in hk, I recommend either wearing flats or wedges.
    if you really want to wear pumps, wear it only for work or special occasion.
    if you are wearing them to work, bring a spare of shoes.
    it is really common when i was working in hk. some woman actually kept a pair of high heels at work in the drawer.
  4. in my opinion and experience...there is just way more walking done in HK than anywhere in Canada. Even the pace is faster.
  5. I find that in places that is hot & humid like SE Asia, my fingers get swollen/bloated and my wedding ring is tighter. I guess that would apply to feet too.
  6. yea, i agree. it is alot of walking. walking is not a big deal for me in hk as long as i wear flats or wedges.
    esp, when I go shopping, sensible shoes is a must!
  7. Thanks everyone this is great!!!! I'll probably pick up another pair of shoes to make it through my trip. Such a shame :sad: