prada sample sale

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  1. Prada is having a sample sale 8/22-8/25. PRADASAMPLESALE.COM to register for admission. Prices will be 25% below wholesale on men's and women's clothing and shoes. The sale will take place at the Fuller Building, Mad and 57th, 2nd flr. No cash, all sales final.
  2. :nuts: Oh dear god.....................:crybaby: .......................MUST ...NOT...GO..............ARGH..........................
  3. If you are interested in going, make sure you sign up for an appointment quickly. I got mine yesterday, but they were filling up fast. They really don't let you in unless you have one.
  4. OMG Why am I not close to NY...all these sample sales are KILLING ME!
  5. All the slots are full
  6. Yeah I tried to register at work I kept getting an error message.
    argh. I would love to go to this sample sale.
    If anyone has an extra time slot or can't make it please let me know!

    It is 25%...let me know if you can't go. Thanks :flowers::flowers::upsidedown:

  7. Please, Jill....go on behalf of all of us who live in handbag/designer Siberia! :roflmfao:

    I drool with envy when I read about all of you gals who have access to sample sales, outlets, etc. :girlsigh:

    Maybe I need to get on JDate and find me a man back east.......
  8. I have a slot! But it's on Friday--probably nothing will be left...
  9. :hysteric: Wish I were in NY or live near NY. :crybaby:
  10. I have a slot on Thursday from 12-1pm --- go figure it's when I have a super important meeting that I can't miss! :crybaby:

    I'm hoping my meeting gets moved - but in case it doesn't, does anyone want to trade timeslots? ;)
  11. I'm hoping my meeting gets moved - but in case it doesn't, does anyone want to trade timeslots? Optikangel, I have Friday from 3-4 and would happily trade if you can't get a better slot from someone else
  12. Callmelulu - Did U Find Anyone To Exchange Slots With?
  13. Jill,
    Are you going to this sale? :smile:
  14. If anyone cannot go on Thursday - please let me know.
    Im off that day and can go - I can look for whatever you want
    for you too. Just thought I"d post this in case someone cant go
  15. :love: I'm going Tues 5p-6p. I'll let you know what I find and if it's worth it. Third time I'm going and the first time was the best. Friday is a good day because a lot of stuff are 70% off. I wish I could go on Monday, but that would probably break my bank.
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