Prada Sample Sale

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  1. FYI, the Prada Outlet in Woodbury Common is having a sample sale and by this, I mean actual size 40 samples. It's one rack but the price is 50% off the sale price of each piece so it would be a fantastic bargain if you're a size 40. I'm not, unfortunately. There was some fairy wear, a few cute skirts, etc. The rest of the s/s outlet merch is 70-80% off, but mostly slim pickings. There were some shoes at an extra 70% off. Also they had a few s/s 08 bags, including a pale pink coffer/gauffre (I'm bad with names) but nothing so fabulously earth shaking that we haven't seen it before.

    If you're in town, it's worth checking out.
  2. I'll be there tueseday! WAAAAAAAH I can't believe it! Is that an Italian size 40 you're talking about? How about shoe sizes - any chance of finding a US 11/IT 41?
  3. Wail!! Size 40? That's not my size!

    Graciella -

    That's Italian size 40. The next size up is size 42. Italian sizes are cut smaller but you do need to try on the clothes. :yes:

    Go and get lucky!!!!! :yahoo:

  4. Thanks linpadday - I usually wear prada and miu miu pants and skirts in 42 and tops in 40, so I might get lucky. I'll post pics of whatever I might lay my hands on, fingers crossed ;)
  5. Aaaah.. another reason to go on a diet! :crybaby:I know for some, they'll need to gain some to fit in a 40.. but it's the exact opposite for me! This is why I love shoes!
  6. I was just thinking of stopping off there on my way up to Mass this week -- thanks for the heads up
  7. sounds great for NY folks!!!!!! Have fun!!!