Prada Sample Sale?

  1. Hey everyone. I'm going to the Prada sample sale tomorrow in nyc and wanted to know if anyone went today and if there was a good range of stuff to buy. Thank you :smile:
  2. I went yesterday and again today. It's been picked over but you may find something anyway.
  3. I went yesterday at 7pm... huge disappointment... stayed no more than 5 mins as there wasn't anything to choose from. I was planning on going back tomorrow but highly doubt it....
  4. Was there any leather bags or wallets?
  5. There was absolutely nothing there. The bags that were there were hideous. No wallets or keychains or cosmetic bags. Shoes that were too big or too small. Large clothes sizes. I didn't even go to the appointment I had today because I was so dissapointed in what i saw yesterday. Next time I'll make sure I'll get tuesday or find someone that can get me in on the first/media day.