Prada Sales In-store/Online - NO CHATTER

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. At Bergdorf Goodman NYC last week
  2. Window display London last week
  3. Prada sale. Saks. 40%. PM for SA.
    IMG_3585.JPG IMG_3586.JPG IMG_3589.JPG IMG_3581.JPG IMG_3584.JPG
  4. Saks. 40% off. PM for SA info.
    IMG_3596.JPG IMG_3597.JPG IMG_3598.JPG
  5. More Prada sale. Saks. 40% off. PM for SA info.
    prada4.jpg Prada1.jpg prada5.jpg
  6. Prada sale went live in the US today. 50% on select styles. :bagslap:
  7. Saks, Navy Blue Was $1600 now $640
    Size 36.5 was $390 now $156
  8. My Saks SA has this available
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  9. Prada sale saks 40% off. PM for SA info IMG_6604.JPG IMG_6606.JPG IMG_6558.JPG
  10. Prada sale $960 from $1600 at Saks. PM me for SA info IMG_6704.JPG
  11. Saks SA got these
    IMG-20161121-WA044.jpg IMG-20161122-WA003.jpg IMG-20161122-WA002.jpg IMG-20161122-WA004.jpg IMG-20161127-WA017.jpg IMG-20161127-WA021.jpg IMG-20161128-WA005.jpg
  12. And these
    IMG-20161127-WA030.jpg IMG-20161127-WA031.jpg IMG-20161127-WA032.jpg IMG-20161128-WA001.jpg IMG-20161128-WA002.jpg IMG-20161128-WA003.jpg
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  13. Saks presale size 40, TTS. $270, PM if ready to buy now