Prada Sale - 40% off - across ALL stores!!!

  1. Hello Prada Lovers,

    It's time to take out those chequebooks, because Prada's 40% off sale is on now! :yahoo:I contacted the store in Toronto to inquire further and they've said that it's across all stores in Canada and the States. Contact your favorite SA to see if that purse you've been longing for is included in the sale!:drool:
  2. Thank you for posting!
  3. will the gauffre be on the sale?
    I dont think so..but I do hope...;)
  4. ooh thanks for sharing
  5. do they include classic nylon bags during the sale? i'm in need of a backpack :smile:
  6. I wonder if it is in the UK?:graucho:
  7. Gauffres are NOT included in the sale.
  8. Ooh bummer. I was hoping for the gauffres as well! Can't wait to see what everyone picked up!
  9. I got white cuffed capris and a killer navy blue TDF skirt...both at 40% off..LOVE THEM!
  10. Are any Prada stores online?
  11. got my hubby two pairs of shoes during the invitation only pre-sale a couple of weeks ago
  12. Does anyone know when Prada goes on sale in Europe?