Prada Saffiano, Vitello Daino or Esplanade?

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  1. I would like to get my first Prada and would love help deciding. Either of these look suitable for my needs as I love a tote and a shoulder strap. Anything you ladies can offer to help make my decision. I'd like a light grey or the gorgeous cammeo. I tend to like the smooth leather but I also don't know the Prada saffiano and have heard it's not too stiff. I guess I look at some for sale over time to see how they age and the corners seem stressed for sure for so that has me wondering. Don't want to invest to have that happen but then again, I don't just toss my bags around. Help please with any ideas you have.
  2. You'll be much happier with the deerskin. Saffiano is stiff, then as you use it, it gets saggy and not in a good way. THE best Prada leather in my world is the soft calf. Wicked soft, scent is to die for and it's much more durable than it's given credit for being.
  3. Thank you for your kind reply. I keep going back to the saffiano because I feel that is classic but I'm not a lover of saffiano. Every one I've had, I've gotten rid of. They are too rigid even though a bag must stand up on its own for me to find usable if a tote. Do you know if the vitello daino holds its structure over time and if it has feet. In some pictures I've seen it looks like it does, in others no so I'm not sure. I also can't seem to find it in the cammeo. I prefer a season ago without the patch on the front as that seems to take away from it in my opinion. I also saw the Burberry Banner Tote in that gorgeous orchid ($1595) which is very similar to Prada's style and their leather seems to rate a bit higher in quality over time. So these are the things I am pondering. Thank you for your kind opinion, it helps.
  4. I'm like you, I don't own any saffiano bags of any brand because it feels kind of plastic-y to me, and I know it's leather but at the same time doesn't really feel like it.

    I own a Prada vitello daino. I don't think it holds its shape after a few years of wear. Simply because it's pebbled leather. It's not easy to have pebbled leather keep its shape for any brand. It does have feet.

    One thing that I would compare, if that matters to you, is to see where the bag is made in. I know both Prada and Burberry have bags made in different places, so before you drop $1600 on a new bag, make sure to see if it's made in Italy. I haven't found too many Burberry bags made in Italy (imo) which prevents me from buying them a couple of times.
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  5. I have three Prada bags in Vitello Daino and they've held up fine. And I was definitely not gentle with them. :-s I also had a cervo bag, which I sold. I don't know where the OP lives, but while I was in Singapore earlier this month, I chatted with a SA at the store at Ion and he said that cervo doesn't seem to hold up as well in tropical climates. He also said that people have been asking about non-Saffiano bags so the label plans to increase their offerings in vitello daino. Right now, the selection of vitello daino bags is quite limited (in style and color). I hope that really does change. I do like the new Ribbon bowler, but wish that the leather "ribbons" weren't quite so long. Also, it seems that the shoulder strap isn't adjustable, which bugs me when the bag doesn't hit at the right spot. And yes, check where the bag (or any other Prada item) is made. I like my suede Prada slip-on sneakers, but later realized they were made in Vietnam. They were sold, IMO, at a made in Italy price.
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  6. Hey!
    Well I've owned a vitello daino shopper for over a year now, and the leather is quite nice, it's not saffiano grade resistant, but definitely is not as fragile as a smooth calf or a textureless leather, in my personal case, the shopper since it is very well made and is purely vitello, is lightweight when compared maybe to a saffiano satchel that is highly structured but not as lightweight as a nylon bag perhaps, the thing, or at least with mine, vitello tends to give in through time, even when I've used it since the beginning with a little filling specially at the bottom of the bag so it doesn't lose some sort of form or "structure", then again, I'm very very careful with my bags in general (I tend to baby them actually), but to be honest, a vitello daino bag from Prada is a good choice, it is not the most structured thing ever (specially when using it without over stuffing it) and you have to be careful when storing it, I highly recommend, if you choose a vitello daino one, when not in use, you MUST stuff it with fillilng so it does not lose form or start to wrinkle, think of it as if it were a sharpei skin, it gives in, but if left without proper filling to maintain the structure, it will eventually start to get marks from the wrinkling of the heavy leather, for reference, here's a pic of mine recently (about a year and a half of frequent but not permanent use):

    I like it because it comes with a strap, and I've used that strap with other bags I have and it gives them a twist and a pop of color, also, this style is pretty cool since I've been able to use it backwards since on the inside it also has a lot of details and a small "pouch" with the Prada logo stamped, so it also looks like if it were another bag, here it is used backwards (I'm sorry I can't attach the original sole pics of the backwards side, I lost a lot of photos when changing from my last phone to the current one, and I had to download this ones from my social networks):

    Hope this helps you!

    Sending lots of light your way...
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  7. Glad I found this thread. Am thinking of the vitello daino bag, but it looks seriously heavy. I have a Tod's that feels like you're lugging around a small moose, so have been a bit leery about going in and looking at a leather Prada.
  8. Well, even though heaviness is an inconvenience in a bag, precisely that heaviness may be a byproduct of sturdy construction and quality, I have 2 peekaboos and they're heavy as hell, but nobody can't deny the quality of those kind of bags, but, IMO a vitello daino from Prada is not that heavy, or at least mine isn't, although now that I have a point of reference against a peekaboo the Prada one seems so lightweight.
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  9. Unfortunately, if you have mobility issues - like I periodically do - it's excruciating to lug around a heavy bag. That's why I'm grateful for the comments about relative bag weight. :smile:
  10. I have three Prada Vitello Daino bags (sold my fourth on Ann's Fabulous Finds). I don't find them heavy at all. I think they're a good middle ground between being too heavy and being too light (from lesser quality and/or thinner leather). Two of my Vitello Dainos are black and I find they don't need careful handling at all. They've been used pretty hard yet still look good. And when I did get two small stains/nicks on them, a quick dab with a black permanent ink Sharpie made the stains invisible to all but the most eagle-eyed observer.
    A co-worker/friend and I both almost bought this bag: but our department was going through a major re-org and buying a new designer bag is not the smartest thing to do when your job's at risk :-s. Happily, we both survived the re-org, so I'm now seriously thinking about "diversifying" :P my Prada collection with these two non-Vitello Daino bags: (LOVE the green on black velvet!!!) and this: (haven't decided on color yet, the black and tan combo is probably best, but I do like that purple! or maybe the blue )
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  11. Saffiano is the bedder leather of Vitello that u can find around.
  12. Should I get a diano camera bag or saffiano camera bag?
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