Prada Saffiano tote... timeless?

  1. Hi ladies

    I've always wanted a prada saffiano tote, bn2274 to be specific, but i never got to it...
    Do you think its still in style? is it a timeless piece or is it kinda out already?

    thank you :smile:
  2. I personally think the style is timeless...although perhaps certain colour will make them appear trendy rather than timeless..
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  3. I think anything with a "Prada" label will be timeless on its own
    but i love the lux tote but i think the person above me is right, its the color that really makes a bag obsolete. But i truly think you can never go wrong with Black, White, or that beautiful cream color.
  4. I think black or cammeo color is timeless, the saffiano lux tote is classic.

  5. Thanks ladies for your input!
    Do you think caramel would be a timeless color? :smile:
  6. Absolutely camel is a gorgeous color! I have two bags in camel (one Prada, the other Coach) and I get compliments on the color all the time (on both!).
  7. Thanks :smile:
  8. how about militaire? a dark army green?
  9. I don't think green matches as easily with other colors as tan since it's not considered a neutral. But if you love it more than go for it.
  10. that's true! thanks for your advice! i think i'll hunt for one in caramel :smile:
  11. It's timeless! I have it in Cammeo and love it so much!
  12. I think caramel is a beautiful and timeless colour. To be honest I am not a big fan of the army green in the kinda takes away its feminity a little bit..but perhaps it's just me..
  13. I'm with you on this. I'd prefer to see that color on a more slouchy, casual bag.
  14. There are many classic colors to, navy, red, camel/caramel, cammeo, the lighter colors of beige, sand, etc. Good luck with your purchase!
  15. Saffiano totes were timeless. That is until every 'B' list actress, so-called singers and reality show twits started carrying them. It totally destroyed what was unique about the bag and this being that it was unique. Yes, the styling is fairly classic, but once you have any bag (think Hermès Birkin and/or Kelly bags) being carried around by people with more money than class, they lose their timeless elegance. I'm glad I sold all mine....