Prada Saffiano - Pics Please

  1. A belated b-day gift from my sweet husband, medium Galleria in Noir:love:

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  2. Lovely! Happy birthday :flowers:
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  3. My first Prada baby haha. purdy.jpg
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  4. My new Prada Saffiano wallet :smile:
    IMG_8872a 2.jpg IMG_8877a.jpg IMG_8565a.jpg
  5. My Prada small double zip tote - she is 7 years old and still look new (only slight corner wears!) - with an LC guitar strap - I love how the strap make her more casual and fun! She is THE bag that opened my entrance to my premium brand world....
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  7. Beau

    Is this BL0837?
  8. My fav wallet in my collection from the spring/summer 2018 mens collection IMG_20180826_154503_834.jpg
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  9. My prada saffiano promenade in cobalt
    20180831_222357.jpg IMG-c5b35805187f585e8975f693641a8170-V.jpg
  10. new purchases from Rome!
    Prada monochrome bag and wallet ! 20181002_075951.jpg
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  11. Galleria in Bluette :heart:
    5BD09E7F-6EC2-49DC-B8C1-FC85E7FC2377.jpeg 77A836C2-4B5B-412D-9D53-F1A203822CDC.jpeg
  12. These are my Prada bags :smile:
    I got my large Galleria (1BA786) in Baltico with SHW in 2015 and this week I couldn't resist the Galleria in medium and Argilla grey (1BA274) and Double in Fuoco/Nero (1BG775).
    I got the Galleria this Monday and after seeing the Double I just couldn't get it out of my head so I went back on Wednesday and got it too :angel:
    IMG_0610.JPG IMG_20181010_151601.jpg IMG_20181017_163928_179.jpg IMG_20181019_144151_708.jpg
  13. My small galleria
  14. IMG_4589.JPG

    It’s my first prada bag.
  15. Love the pics!