Prada Saffiano - Pics Please

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  1. I have a friend who swears by consigning her bags at her local luxury boutique. Takes a while but she does get about 75~80% of what she initially pays for.
  2. I've been wanting the Lux Saffiano Double Zip for quite some time now. The other week I went to my local Prada store to look at the style 1BA274 in Nero and the only thing I'm not quite happy about is the long adjustable strap. I'm 5ft and 104 lbs and even at the shortest strap, the bag sits way below my hip. According to the sales associates, he would be able to ship Prada in New York (?) to punch more holes in strap. Anyone know if that's possible or not? I would love to hear if so!!
  3. Today I'm using my Prada Galleria bag in Argilla after a while :smile: IMG_8866a 1.jpg
  4. A quick reveal of my new compact purse :heart: Enlight1143.JPG
    After using only card holders for the past 3 years I finally decided to give purses/wallets another go! I *might have* bought and returned 3 LV compact purses in the past couple of weeks (an epi ZCP and 2 Rosalie coin purses :hrmm:) - they just weren't right for me!

    This is my first Saffiano SLG from Prada (I love their nylon pouches bc they are so lightweight and I have a super bulky nylon purse that stays at home with all the cards I don't really need)
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  5. IMG_0361.JPG Used my purple baby in my winery trip.
  6. I have the Prada Saffiano Cuir in medium (in the caramel color) and highly recommend. Here is how it looks on me (for size reference I am just over 5'4"). I shared some other photos/outfits of with this bag here if that helps! Best of luck!
    What to Wear Holiday Shopping 3.JPEG White Sweater Dress.JPG
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  7. IMG_20171111_154434_866.jpg
  8. I realize it's been three years since you posted this photo. I do like the size so much. What are the measurements? I want a white in the same size as yours.
  9. what size is your prada
  10. Love your bags, what size is the black one?
  11. I broke out my Prada saffiano lux today :smile:
  12. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_19f.jpg
  13. Here is my new Saffiano compact wallet :smile: :heart: I needed something smaller for my small bags, as all my wallets are huge :biggrin:

    IMG_3496a 2.jpg IMG_3498a 2.jpg IMG_3504a 2.jpg
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  15. Tnx, recently I've fallen for yellow (also with clothes, nail polish etc.) :girlsigh: