Prada Saffiano - Pics Please

  1. The dimensions of the BN2274 I believe are 12.99 inches... So in a sense, it would fit, but i wouldn't recommend it, unless you have a Mac Book Air or something. You want to have more room in your bag length wise, or else it will affect the leather :sad:. I prefer to have at least an inch of space in between left! In this case, an iPad would be good :smile:
  2. yeah i know :sad:
    i just need a bag that can fit a 13" laptop and these saffiano totes are just so pretty that i had to consider..
  3. I know! They're so pretty that I'm willing to buy an iPad for it hahaha. You could still try though! Although the BN2274 is the biggest Saffiano that has the strap..!

    Who knows, it might actually be nice and snug.. how thick is your laptop?
  4. less than an inch, so not too bad. but i am scared that a laptop would stretch out the beautiful bag because of the weight
  5. Here's my BN1844 in Grafite color..:biggrin: I just got this bag on Saturday.. I am in love...;)

    Please don't mind my outfit in the last photo as I am getting ready to go to the gym.. Hahaha!

    And a reference that a 13in laptop can fit in a 1844..:biggrin:
    image-4146147058.jpg image-350406507.jpg image-1047496672.jpg image-3959973625.jpg
  6. OMG. perfect.
  7. Hi, is grafite a new colour..? I can't see it in my catalogue..? Thanks its a beauty
  8. Hi! Thank you!:smile: My SA told me it's a limited edition color and when I went to the store, I didn't know about this color, I was supposed to buy the caramel color until he brought it out from the back.. He said that they're not supposed to display them and they're only supposed to bring them out if someone's interested in a Saffiano lux tote.. I know it sounds weird but that's what he said.

    I got mine at South coast plaza.:smile:
  9. This is my lover! Prada Saffiano BN2274 in cammeo (double zip). Apparently you can fit an A4 folder as told by my personal SA :smile:

    I am absolutely happy and in love with this first Prada bag that I had purchase. Gl! :smile:
    image-1957267639.jpg image-2389701778.jpg image-1764226062.jpg
  10. this is such a great thread! thank u! enjoy it...i might buy one tomorrow...kinda nervous.
  11. Hi, is this the smallest size? What are the measurements? Thanks.
  12. Hi, i would like to purchase this style 1844. Would you please take a picture when you hold the bag in your hand and on your shoulder? (side shot) Iam 5'4 and I am wondering if it would look too big on me. Thank you
  13. Hi, I love this style bag and thinking about buying it. I am wondering though if it would be too big on me. Iam 5'4. It seems to be a good, nice fit on you. How tall are you? Also, do u wear it often? Do you have any issues with the handle or quality of the leather? thank you
  14. Wow! I love this color tessa! I have never seen it in real life. Very pretty!

    I posted one modeling pic of me holding the bag for your reference. I am 5' 9" so I am probably not the best reference. Sorry!
  15. I don't think it will look big on you.. I am 5'3 so I am shorter than you so it means you can definitely pull this off..;) I just got this bag last month and so far, I wore it for an entire week - the week that I got it..:graucho: I try to rotate my bag weekly.. So definitely it will be part of my bag rotation..;) I actually like the leather, it seems very durable and definitely water resistant.. So far, no issues with my bag.. I love it and looking forward on getting another color in a different style..:biggrin: HTH!

    Thank you!!:biggrin: I also love the color of your bag.. The color is so spring/summer-y..;) This color is LE according to the SA who helped me..:smile: I've been seeing this color lately at the Prada store.