Prada Saffiano lux or Celine luggage

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  1. I guess everyone is going to say Prada in a Prada thread lol but I was just wondering if anyone could help me decide which bag to get.

    I did want the lux tote in black but as I already have a few black bags I'm coming round to Argilla. It's between the lux or the Celine luggage tote in a similar colour.

    I really can't decide, the Prada seems to have been out for longer and I guess is a more classic shape? But the Celine is lovely too. Has anyone got both?

    Also, do I get the lux tote that's zipped or unzipped? I saw a photo of one that was unzipped and it had a more relaxed shape if you know what I mean? Quite liked it but would I regret it?

    And, anyone with Argilla, does it get dirty very easily? Am I silly not to have classic black? I have a black Chanel jumbo and a black Mulberry Tillie so ther are different bags. Will I regret not getting it in black? Especially since the Mulberry isn't my favourite bag anyway?

    Decisioims decisions!!!
  2. Prada. Its much more classic (IMO) and I personally like it more esthetics wise. I have 2 saffiano lux totes (BN1786) and absolutely love them!
  3. Same as you I am also hanging between the two options and feel it's hard to make up my mind. I think Prada is more formal and Celine luggage has got this extra playful element. It depends on your own style or occassions you carry them.
  4. im like you two weeks back, hanging btw a saffiano lux tote and the luggage, and if i were to get black again. i have both a chanel jumbo and prada tessuto on black. personally tried the mini one and it looks sorta big, and if i were to get a micro one, afraid it will be too small.

    one of the requirement i have for bag is that it must be either hand carried or sling down. thats when i go for the prada bn1801 in cameo as its a more classic bag and scared that luggage is just another IT bag.

    list out your needs and select! :smile:
  5. Definitely Prada. I have one 1801 and love it . Go for Prada.