Prada saffiano leather peeling in 3 weeks

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  1. Hi everyone, I purchased a continental saffiano wallet 3 weeks ago and the leather on the edges are already peeling just from normal wear. I'm not sure if I can ask for an exchange / refund due to it already being used but honestly I feel quite ripped off for paying $880 (aud) for a wallet of this quality. I heard leather isn't covered by warranty so I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has had experience with leather peeling issues please help. Many thanks!
  2. Did you buy it at a BNM store? I'd return it. I've had much less expensive wallets that have lasted years. No excuse for this.

  3. I had the same issue as well....I took it back to the store and they shipped it off for repairs. Unfortunately the repairs didn't fix the issue and the wear and tear is still very obvious. [emoji20]
  4. This is so sad, I wish Prada made bags like they used too :sad:
  5. Where did you purchase? I've had mine for 4 years now, and every time i pull it out, i get tons of compliments and it still looks brand new. If it's through saks/neimans/nordstrom/bloomies, they might be willing to work with you to exchange.
  6. It doesn't surprise me. Usually saffiano leather is one of the worst quality leather available on the market... it feels like plastic! But apart from this I really believe Prada's quality has decreased a lot over the last few years...
  7. +1
    Really, can't agree more! It does feel plastic and puts me off!
    I have some older ones (vitelo, daino), which are one of the best leathers I've ever touched, quality is almost as good as Bottega Veneta, everlasting bags! But yes, those days are gone....
  8. I just bought a pre loved saffiano double zip and had to return it because the corners are peeled off. The purse is only 1 year old. Makes me think twice about buying one now. So sad. I really want one.
  9. That's unacceptable, considering that amount you paid for your wallet. You should get refund or a replacement at least. Anyway, did you go to the store? How did you go? Reading stuff like this makes me think twice on getting Prada. Hope you got your refund or replacement.
  10. I feel like the quality is getting bad :sad: I have 2 wallets, and the newer one shows dark corner & leather peeling within a year of usage.

    The older one is still in a very good condition, despite her decade of usage.
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