Prada Saffiano Double ZIP Tote

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  1. Hi All,

    I purchased this bag from Poshmark and their team claims to have ‘authenticated’ the bag. I need help to confirm this is in fact real- thanks in advance!

    Item Name: Black Prada Saffiano
    Listing Number:
    Seller ID: drf6

    Attached Files:

  2. @Prada Psycho I would love your opinion on this bag as I have 2 days to return it if it’s not authentic- thanks in advance!
  3. You need to post the request on the authentication thread and follow the format in the first post.
  4. @br3wx
    Appreciate your feedback here since I'm new - I'm not able to see where I can upload a NEW post on the Prada authenticate this forum
  5. The same way you replied to the post here - scroll to the bottom of this thread: and post a reply. Make sure you've submitted all the necessary photos and links to the seller, if you have it, as requested in Post 1 of the thread I linked above.
  6. you're great! Appreciate the help here for the newbie!