Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote bag

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  1. Ladies, a questions for those of you who have bought a Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote bag (either in Vernice patent or in matte): how has the quality of these bags have been lately? Is it good or are there quality issues, like were mentioned by some people in older threads? Do you recommend getting a Saffiano double zip vernice now or no? Thanks in advance!
  2. I love my Saffiano and have had it for 2 years, it's not an everyday bag for me, I have carried it at least 9 times , mine is double zip and worth it . I would say Yes get one
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  3. +1!! I'm also wondering if anyone has bought a Saffiano Double Zip lately, if the quality looks to be improving at all? As in bought this year in 2016 or so?
  4. I bought black one 3 years ago and I don't have any quality issue yet. ^^
  5. i have it for 2 years now. so far i have no issue with it.
    the zipper still shiny and functioning well.the saffiano leather is easy to maintain and clean.
    it's worth having if you like it!
  6. Thank you all, your info is very helpful as I'm trying to decide!!
  7. I have 2 of them and have had them since 2012 or so. They're perfect. Thinking of adding 1 more to my collection (in a different color & size).
  8. I have a perfect and beautiful double zip 2274 and love it!
    Have had it almost a year and carry it often with zero issues.
    Highly recommend.
  9. IMG_1470531031.968930.jpg
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  10. what do you use to clean the leather?
  11. So far I am just using a dry cotton cloth to clean it.:smile: