Prada Saffiano Cuir Bag Size

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  1. I just bought the Saffiano Cuir tote with black exterior and red interior. I got the large and it comes with a strap. I then went online and saw people saying only the medium has strap. Did Prada change their size recently? I did saw 3 different sizes at the store so I'm sure mine is the largest size.

    The other thing is after putting my normal items into the bag, I found it to be quite heavy. Anyone has similar concerns?
  2. I have large (35 cm) in black and medium (33 cm) in caramel.
    Both come with the strap.
    I find 33 cm much lighter :smile:
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  4. They did change their sizes recently -- SA at a Prada Boutique told me there are now four sizes :smile: From researching which one I wanted to get, I also noticed size changes from last season -- currently, last season's small is this season's medium, last season's medium is this seasons large, etc. Thus, they've introduced a new "small" which is sometimes referred to as "mini". Saks refers to it as small. Here is is from NM referred to as mini. In any case, the measurements for the new mini/small are 10"W X 8.5"H X 5"D.

    I recently purchased the mini in black/red from NM and I LOVE it. It's definitely not big enough to be a workbag as it doesn't fit an A4. It does however comfortably fit the height of my Ipad Air. I'm more of a small/medium bag person so the size/weight was perfect for me :smile: