Prada Saffiano argilla reveal


Personal Shopper
Ok so I've wanted this for so long but ended up buying other prada before finally buying the one my heart was set on

First I bought just a regular leather Prada in argilla becuase I just loved the colour

Then I bought the smaller saffiano but in military. It was just too small...

Now I have best of both worlds

Saffiano BN1786 in Argilla


Personal Shopper
Very pretty bag - congrats!
Beautiful! Enjoy!
Congrats! Such a beautiful classic bag and looks great on u!
Beautiful! Congrats~
Awww! I'm officially envious.
Stunning bag, congrats! :smile:
Thank you all for the kind comments... I can't wait till the bag softens a little bit!

Officially my new favourite bag along with my Fendi 2Jour, and the PS13