Prada S/S 2006

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  1. Good luck. That kind of resembles the one Sandra Bullock was wearing in The Proposal. Your best bet is ebay unfortunately.
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  3. Thanks! Of all the forums and people I've asked, you're the first one to be able to tell me the name and season. Now I can only hope that somewhere out there, it's still being sold, or that Prada still has leftovers. :biggrin:
  4. ^^^Not likely. Your best bet is consignment or eBay and you need to know your Pradas to shop on eBay or get stuck with a piece of shyte knock-off.
  5. Actually this bag was the first season that Cervo was launched in a full bag run. It was called "Cervo" there was no Antik or Antik finish on this bag.

    Color was naturale.
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    Ah Look at the ad campgain locogymman--
    It's s/s 2006 naturale cervo antik

    I have the catalog and that's what is listed.

    Weird I know I save them all. The bag I showed her is Naturale cervo antik, close but not same bag.

    That was the year in the fall that the popular antik cervo satchels came out, isn't that right?
  7. So you can either look for naturale cervo or naturale cervo antik but you will come up w/ many styles and years for this combo. but the bag you listed was for the ad campaign of s/s 2006
  8. Prada replied that they no longer have 2006 items. :sad: Many other Web sites I tried don't carry the design I'm looking for.

    I still prefer the paler (naturale) collection of the cervo antik compared to the darker shades they carry today.