Prada runway bags 2008

  1. I'm so sorry to bring you such news, but I find runway 2008 bags simply HORRIBLE:tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
    Last time I posted a/w 2007/08 bow bags, and nobody really liked tem exept me - now quite a lot of us find the bows nice ;), but this time I bet nobody is going to like those colorful THINGS:wtf:
    I hope that they'll make also some bags for adults.
    00410m.jpg 00200m.jpg 00080m.jpg 00570m.jpg 00170m.jpg
  2. and some more. Sorry
    00350m.jpg 00200m.jpg 00110m.jpg 00060m.jpg
  3. mmm, they look a bit funky, maybe too funky. They do look very young too. Not sure.
    The print ones look the most interesting...
  4. I think they look a little like clown purses.
  5. i like the shoulder/long sling back purple orange and blue striped one, it's quite funky for casual wear. Would look cute.

    I love funky, so i'm probably just an exception :smile:
  6. I love the leather striped ones....and, in general, I find the SS08 Prada catwalk interesting, so late-sixties sweet and dreamy.
    I wouldn't (or couldn't) wear those jumpsuits or others, but I like the concept. Last season I wasn't wearing Prada clothes but, just having bought a Prada fringe handbag dipped me into that modern squaw mood.....
    I think other designers have to propose what women (rich women) will actually wear, while Prada's mission is to create an idea, a concept of a woman, wich will inspire other designers for forthcoming seasons.
    This, of course, is my opinion.
    And for accessories: have you seen the shoes from the catwalk? WOW!!! They're artcrafts!
  7. .....sorry, I forgot to post my favourite:
    I LOVE it!
  8. No likey
  9. Egads! :wtf:

    Those are little too out there for me.
  10. Very vintage inspired, and I *HEART* them!!
  11. I do like them, but not crazy about them. And I guess they are just simply not for everyone, you need to be a particular stylish person to pull those off. Overall, this season of womens collection is MUCH NICER than mens collection...As much as I love Prada, the latest mens collection is rather disappointed to me, I am not feeling it a single bit.
  12. Ditto :sad: It's kinda sad. I feel sorry for all these men drooling at us having all these amazing choices and, nothing much for themselves?! Their range needs "jazzing up", I call it.
  13. :throwup:
  14. :confused1::wtf::throwup:
  15. I actually like them!! Don't know if I would spend a ton of money on them though, but overall, I find them very unique and attractive. :yes: