prada robot, bear tricks..and more

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  1. :crybaby:anyone looking for the following?

    1) Rufus
    2) Druso
    3) Edison

    1) Achille

    I also have the fashion show tote from SS05 (Pop Star in Black nylon), as well as the camoflauge backpack (production only 15 worldwide)...anyone need any? Moving from USA to Japan in 2 weeks and looking to downsize entire collection.
  2. you can't sell on the forum
  3. many ppl have offered there stuff up for trades, etc...

    i never said it was being sold for anything...i was just looking if anyone was interested, since i'm looking for a few pieces myself...

    thanks anyway!

  4. This implies that you are looking to trade or sell your collection. Unless 'downsize' means that you are looking to GIVE away your stuff for free. :tup:

    Even if you are looking to trade, it is against forum rules to do so on the main thread. There is a sub category available for trading/selling, please make the effort to check the rules before posting.
  5. I know a store in Den Haag, the Netherlands, which has all prada tricks and robots on sale for 50 euros. You can google their store and give them a call, perhaps they'll ship abroad. The store is called 'de Rode Loper' - the outlet that is. Good luck
  6. ^ they aren't looking to buy stuff... they're looking to sell or trade or whatever which is against the rules
  7. hmmm...what a bunch of losers!
  8. If you are including yourself in this bunch, feel free to do so!

  9. Excuse me? What do you mean? I was refering to the person(s) trying to use this forum to trade/sell their stuff, as fijibuni mentioned. I really can't see why you should act like this. I was trying to be helpful by posting the store name/number of the store that has Prada tricks, but then felt a bit scammed because they weren't actually looking to buy any.
  10. I'm looking for Edison trick.

  11. Since this isn't supposed to happen on here, can one of the moderators close out this for posting? maybe helpful to squash the conversation once and for all!
  12. If someone didn't realize this posting was nearly one year ago and still wants to ressurect a moot point, then go ahead. This was prior to me realizing tpf forum rules and as I've already stated is a year ago, please don't contact me for sales, trades or negotiations. Thank you